A d a m   H a m m a c k

Favorite Streaming TV Shows of Mine
30 Rock
Adult Swim
American Dad
Documentaries by James Burke
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show
Family Guy
The Office
The Simpsons
South Park

Friends out in Internet-Land
My Dear Wife Jacqui
Good buddy and awesome artist John Bragg
Fenian's Irish Pub, my bar in Jackson
T. Francis, a very funny guy
Ellis Parrish, the best guitarist I know
Two good buddies' Beat-less tribute to their favorite band
The Rusty Nail, my bar in NOLA


Humanism & Philosphy
The Hilarious Philosophy of Douglas Adams
Audio Essay by Penn Jillette

Badass of the Week
Arrow of Time: A photo essay by Diego Goldberg
Demolition 2, a fun flash game
Erowid.org, a great reference on drugs legal and otherwise
A Guide to Pairing Food and Wine
Lookwell, a bizarre TV pilot staring Adam West
Mark Prindle's Record Reviews
Seanbaby, one of my favorite comedy writers on the web

Music to Stream
The Trash Treasury: an Elliott Smith Fan Hub
Calexico/Iron and Wine Live
New Pornographers Live
My Morning Jacket Live
Regina Spektor Live