As you may have guessed by my web domain, my name is Adam Hammack.

I am a singer, song-writer, poet and performer currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I grew up on a chicken farm in Central Mississippi. As could be expected given this upbringing, I have a great deal of hatred for chickens. When I was seven, I killed one with a softball bat over a matter of honor. I do admit to finding them quite tasty, however.

My formal education is not really much to speak of, although I did manage to meet my wife in Intermediate Algebra class, so at least I got something out of the whole deal.

I am a sub-compact-driving liberal who subsists on a diet of NPR news and sushi. I work in a restaurant. I have no middle name. My favorite color is black. My favorite band is the Beatles. This all sounds terribly boring, even as I type it. If you want to know anything of actual relevance about me, why don't you just ask?